The tale of the Niggerhead Stone

October 5, 2011

Niggerhead, Niggerhead, Niggerhead! There! I said it three times and nothing bad happened! Although, Liberals are trying their best to “make something happen”, and that’s why you’re hearing the tale of this 30 or 40 year old (maybe older) rock!

Is the Left that scared of what’s coming in 2012 that they have to grasp at such short straws? And are they really still playing these racial games? Those were rhetorical questions, because they obviously are. Neither Rick Perry nor Herman Cain should have given this subject the time of day. They both should have shown total disdain for foolish reporters, who dare drudge up such a story, especially since the accountings of current visibility of the word niggerhead is coming from the recollections of multiple anonymous persons.

For all of those who are so offended by this old fossily rock that most likely no longer displays the word niggerhead, are you equally offended by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album “Niggas in Paris”? If not, you should be. That rock, until it was dug up by some lefty reporter, wasn’t doing any harm to your children or your community, but the song Niggas in Paris and others like it, continue to create a secular culture that is constantly eroding the fibers of morality in inner city communities. I bet you that Niggas in Paris is not only on a lot of kids IPods, but it’s on their parent’s IPods as well. Enjoy your cultural rot!

If you’re offended by the niggerhead stone, then surely you’re offended by Janeane Garofalo’s barrage of racist comments. Uncle Tom is a racial slur you know, but she’s referred to Black Conservatives by that slur many times, and I won’t even get into all of the nonsensical racial statements she’s made about Herman Cain. Black Liberals never get offended when White Liberals make racist comments towards Black Conservatives. I guess it’s because Black liberals refer to us Black Conservatives by such racial slurs as well. Even Morgan Freeman’s old behind has been acting a fool… and I’m not referring to him having sex with his step granddaughter that he helped raise (nasty!). I’m referring to him classifying a large segment of the population as racists in the absence of ANY proof. Freeman declared that Tea Party members were racists even though he’s never attended a rally or knowingly met a Tea Party member. I do believe you have an open invitation to attend a Tea Party rally, Morgan. I hope you GO! Educate yourself so you will no longer make such asinine comments. And then there’s George Lopez! He made the comment that Herman Cain is darker than Obama on the outside but whiter on the inside? Isn’t that calling him an Oreo? Another racial slur? Why is it that those on the left can throw around racial terms so freely with nary a word being said in protest against them, but the moment a CONTRIVED, very slight racial element can remotely be attributed to a Conservative, it becomes news for all of the major media outlets. I suppose this behavior should be expected from Democrats. After all, they have been the masters of racial politics since they owned slaves.

I’m a Conservative, but I’m not necessarily on the Rick Perry bandwagon. But, this little kerfuffle certainly wouldn’t stop me from supporting him though. It’s MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOHTING. Moreover, I haven’t yet decided which candidate I will support during the primary election. But, I do know that it’s time Conservative candidates stop tip-toeing around, trying to be so polite and it’s time they stop falling for these race baiting, trap-style questions. Moving forward, Conservative candidates will have to be bold enough to tell stupid reporters to get the heck out of their face when they try to bring up such nonsense! They need to understand that we are looking for someone that will no longer accept frivolous behavior or lies coming from the Left. Be a warrior darn it!

This country is in big time trouble, so I couldn’t give a rat’s behind about a rock that someone wrote niggerhead on a long, long time ago. We have major issues to deal with and this rock ‘ain’t one of them. So, should you happen to pass the niggerhead stone, rub it three times, say niggerhead three times and make a wish! I sure hope you wish for a thriving economy… that’s what I’d wish for!



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