Hybrid Cars will Cramp your Style

I love how liberals lie about the shape of hybrid cars. “Well actually they’re designed with that shape because its more aerodynamically efficient…”. Who...

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American Flag: Bret's Dad's.

This Article is via a friend. I share with her kind permission. . It’s a lesson in history. . And . Perhaps . just...

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I vote pro-life first!

I vote pro life

  ♥ A picture is worth a thousand words♥

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Lighten up Hollywood.

  Note:  Political commentary coming from Holly of Hollywood (that’s me) may not be “extreme left” commentary. Nor is it likely to be “extreme...

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Petty Politics

  Via Wikipedia in Paraphrase:  Politics (from Greek politikos “of, for, or relating to citizens”).   Politics is a term applied to the art of...

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Mitt Romney is *NOT* out of touch with America.

Joe Biden says that Mitt Romney is out of touch because he’s too rich. How so? Americans DO NOT resent the rich – THE...

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Zimmerman isn’t the racist in Trayvon’s case

We’ve all heard about the murder of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin by now. He is the young man that was shot dead by...

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Stop Tail-Tucking and Ditching Candidates!

Now that Rick Santorum is rising in the polls, and since he just rose from political murk to land a very taut second place...

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Cain Was Guilty…. Of Being a Conservative!

No blue stained dresses. No taped recorded messages. No witnesses whatsoever. There has been no corroboration for any of the multiple claims of sexual...

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Happy Kwanzaa? Negro Please!

Kwanzaa is a prime example of the incredulous, buck naked ignorance displayed by a large portion of “African-Americans”. Too many are too eager to...

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Three-Fifths Clause: Let Me Explain It Again!

The Three-Fifths Compromise is a compromise that resulted during the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. It is found in the Constitution of the United States...

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Obama Gaffes: Did you hear about these? Probably Not!

I get so very tired of hearing the mainstream media (MSM) beat up on Conservative candidates for making the same types of mistakes that...

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