Mitt Romney needs to make the case for American values

July 16, 2012

By Brent Heigold.

Yes, the economy has tanked. Yes, Barack Obama is a loser. We know that.

But the fact remains, that 47% of Americans are *still* supportive of Obama.

As Rush said the other day, if it were 30 years ago, Obama wouldn’t have HALF of the support that he has now. But, for whatever reason – maybe the dumbing down of society due to the distracting comfort of technology – we (conservatives) have lost a significant percentage of Americans, and we need to explain to them why voting Democratic is a bad idea.

Yes, Mitt Romney will do a great job of pointing out Obama’s failures in getting the economy back on track, as well as other failures, but more importantly, he needs to make the case for American values.

He needs to explain to the American people what the hidden motives are behind Obama’s policies, how they are leftist values, and how leftist values contradict American values.

He needs to make it clear that Obama’s entire world view is based on Marxist class envy, which contradicts the American value of hard work, to acquire our own wealth and not want to steal it from others.

He needs to point out how Obama’s speeches and actions DIVIDE Americans based on race, sex, and class, and how that contradicts the American value of “E Pluribus Unum” – that you are not seen as black, white, rich, poor, male, female, but simply as another American with an equal shot at achieving success in life.

He needs to explain how Obama sees government as the be-all end-all answer to everything, and how it contradicts the American value of limited government.

He needs to point out that as government expands, our liberties diminish, and give examples of how every Obama policy is a form of government expansion.

He needs to point out the destructive nature of labor unions, that they are based on the principles of communism, and make the tie between unions and the Obama administration.

If he can point out that Obama is FUNDAMENTALLY wrong based on his world view, then it will be easier to turn the tides before the election, provided the people are paying attention.

I believe he can.



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