Mitt Romney is *NOT* out of touch with America.

April 2, 2012

Joe Biden says that Mitt Romney is out of touch because he’s too rich. How so?

Americans DO NOT resent the rich – THE LEFT resents the rich.

And so the left thinks (and will try to convince the rest of America) that Mitt Romney is out of touch.

But America was FOUNDED ON the idea that you can go as far as your hard work, circumstances, and God-given talents will take you and enjoy the profits of your labor.

Contrary to how the left would love us to think, Americans by-and-large DO NOT look at the rich with resentment.  They DON’T.  They look at the rich and say “how do I get there?”.

Coming from a poor-middle class family, and working hard and becoming successful and wealthy isn’t out of touch. It’s as American as baseball and apple pie.

And that’s what makes Mitt Romney (although not my choice) a viable candidate.

You know what’s out of touch? Going on a 10-million dollar vacation to Hawaii for Christmas and having the taxpayer foot the bill (thanks Michelle Obama!). Now *THAT’S* out of touch.

By Brent Heigold.



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