Lighten up Hollywood.

May 28, 2012


Note:  Political commentary coming from Holly of Hollywood (that’s me) may not be “extreme left” commentary. Nor is it likely to be “extreme right.” Political commentary coming from me is also NOT likely to be “extremely middle of the road.” Nor is it likely to be, “extremely Hollywood.” In fact, it’s not likely to be “extreme” at all.


Though, my commentary may be, “pro-life.” And, pro-God. And, at least on occasion, “Pro-Christmas.” It’s not to be feared. My  political or not so political commentary will certainly not be an Anti-American thing. Over time, you may even read Pro-Catholic commentary. And, Pro-Evangel commentary!  My commentary might, at least once in a blue moon, be, at least a tad bit, entertaining. (Maybe entertaining.) ♥ You will find over time that my commentary is more than likely NOT to be pro-communism. It will NOT be PRO-ABORTION. Thus, it may inspire (?) the hate filled communists and communist sympathizers and perhaps a few well meaning pro-aborts, to “accuse,” “right wing.” (OMG!)


Given who I am, and who I’m not, it’s more than likely that my “political” or not so political commentary, in general, is, NOT “extreme.”


(OMG, people!)


In this case, on Memorial Day, May 28th, 2012, my commentary is, “Pro-American Folk Hero,” Andrew Breitbart.” And, yeah, I’m calling Andrew Breitbart an American folk hero. Andrew Breitbart of God’s heart and of my heart, is NOT extreme. I am NOT OK with his good name  and thus his person, being smeared by Little Miss Socialite Progressive McCain.”Moderate Republican,” my foot! Ha! (smile!)




Miss John-and-Cindy-McCains-daughter-in-line-with-Barack’s-Senior-Political-advisor, claiming herself and representing herself, “Moderate Republican,” recently accused fun loving truth seeker Andrew Breitbart and other “conservative” “bloggers” on national T.V., of being (in mega-paraphrase),”Hate-Filled-Right-Wing- Extremists.” Ha! And, not “Ha!”


I don’t know what you may THINK is, “extreme.” I don’t know what you may think to be, “Extremely Hollywood.” Or, “extremely Right wing Hollywood.” (If such a thing exists.)  I don’t know what you may think is, or may be, “extremely Hollywood,” especially if, that which might be, “Extremely Hollywood” in your book has negative connotations. But, even if “Extremely Hollywood” or, even “Exactly Hollywood” or even more simply, “Hollywood” has a “Positive” connotation in your mind, I don’t know what you conjure up in your mind when I say, “Extreme.”  But, Andrew Breitbart of the Los Angeles area, and of Hollywood, a “Hate-Filled-Right-Wing-Extremist?”  That’s pushing it, isn’t it?


“OMG,” some more.


I do know that I invite you, to, no matter what your view on Hollywood is, to, “Lighten up Hollywood.” (Lighten up on the good guys of Hollywood. Not all of Hollywood is Anti-American. All of you who claim conservative… And, all who are. )  Just saying…


Not all are “anti-American,” “anti-U.S. Military.” Not all of “Hollywood” are hate filled “pro-abort” communists.  Rather than be so quick to condemn ALL OF HOLLYWOOD and, that which you perceive to be “Hollywood” and, all that which may well be “Hollywood” in some quarters, I invite you to help Andrew Breitbart and I, to lighten it. Enlighten and lighten Hollywood with the Light of Christ.


“OMG” I’m not talking, “religious.” ♥ (btw)


And, yeah, yeah, yeah. There are many in Hollywood that have need to be called out of the darkness. “Invited.” The darkness of willful deceit. And God willing they will be JUDGED by that Light. Called out TO the light. “Invited”  Called out BY the Light. “Invited.” The Light of those of the like of Andrew Breitbart. The light of Love. The light of Truth. The Light of Love that is Greater than…


The light of Christ.


Even as, Jesus said, “I AM THE LIGHT which Lighteth every man that cometh into this world.” (Every man, woman and child that cometh into this world, that is…. ) Andrew (though a liberal Los Angeles Not-a-Big-deal, Jew), was not against Jesus. Nor was he against Christ. Nor was he against Christians. Though he was Liberal, he was NOT hate filled.  (I use the world “liberal” liberally here, now. Andrew Breitbart was “Liberal” in the way I learned as a child. Liberal meaning “Generous” of  heart.)  At the same time that he was “liberal” (again, “liberal” meaning “generous” here), Andrew was also, “conservative.” “Conservative” meaning, NOT being for “The Big Lie”against America and her people.  “Conservative” meaning, “not for the bad guy stuff” of Hollywood against, etc, etc, etc! “Conservative” meaning, Andrew was a light of America-in-truth-bearer and, an advocate and defender of the same.


In any event, I want everyone to know that Andrew Breitbart is and was a super star. An American Folk hero. And, though I never met him in person, he is and was, and forever shall be, my friend.  He is also a friend of America, and, the American Patriot. And, he is my Mom’s friend. (Unlike me, my Mom met him.)


Andrew, being a man of the Heart, was the father of four beautiful young children. Andrew’s tragic passing leaves his wife a widow, and his children orphaned. Andrew was from the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Brentwood is, practically Hollywood. And, Andrew Breitbart is Andrew Breitbart. To me, Andrew is, Hollywood. But, not “extremely” so. And, he brought Light to that City, and to Los Angeles, and to “Politics.” Andrew brought the Light of Love and Creative Reason to America. He also brought humor. And, compassion. Compassion and passion. Passion and Compassion for the Freedom Loving Peoples of America. Freedom meaning “Love.” Freedom meaning Freedom. Freedom meaning,”God.”




His was the Light of Freedom’s Holy Light. The Light of Freedom. I didn’t say, “Religious.” And, yes, I said, “Holy.”  Even so, Andrew Breitbart was NOT against “the religious.” Andrew was always a devotee of truth. He was a typical “Left Winger” Los Angeles Liberal, before coming out of the closet of unknowing with an Ah-ha! moment.  He was in the dark. But then, the LIGHT turned on.  And, as he got to know that light, and as he came closer and closer to that light, even that light of truth and courage, he chose to share that love of the Light with others.


Andrew was a warrior of Light.  And, he was not against our troops.  He was astounded how the “left” would “make up stories” against the truth. Or, use those “socialites” or others not so bright, or perhaps “bright” but not so “light” t0 push forth “THE BIG LIE.” Big lies and little lies. Among other things, Andrew and his writing team was big about writing about, and thus, shedding light on, “Big Government” “Big Peace” and, even “BIG HOLLYWOOD.” For those of you who don’t know, “World Communism” by long tradition is also known as, “THE BIG LIE.”


Watch this You Tube of Andrew Breitbart addressing what is, “Meghan McCain-ism.” Meghan McCain is not a “Moderate” Republican. She is a “Progressive Republican.” Another word for “Socialist-Republican.” And, or a “Moving Forward” Republican. (Note that Barack’s new campaign slogan is, “Forward.” Among other things, the word “Forward” is also used as the slogan for the European communist party newspapers. As was it the word used by Hitler in Hitler’s Socialist/Fascist Germany.)


Just a few months ago on national T.V, Miss Meghan McCain self identified herself as a “Pro-Sex Republican.”  She claimed herself to be a “Pro-Sex Republican” as she rallied in protest  in public media locations in Hollywood against Pro-Life advocate Rick Santorum and Santorum supporters.  Miss Meghan McCain as it appeared, offered strong vocal Anti-Choice for the Religious objectors to Barack Obama’s health care “mandates.”  Soon thereafter, Miss McCain chummed up to Sandra Fluke, and, as it appeared, advocated for Planned Parenthood.  Meghan offered her voice to the Anti-Choice, “abortion mandates” and, “birth control” forced upon Catholic Universities, and Catholic Charities, by both “Obama” and , dare I say, “Romney” care. (Romney is not, “Right Wing” nor is he “Moderate.”)




Two days ago, Meghan McCain in an interview with one who has built his career as being that of an EXTREMIST (HATE-FILLED BIGGOT),  accused Andrew Breitbart and other “right wing extremist bloggers” of being hate filled. OMG, Meghan! What’s up?!!!


In any event, click on the link below to hear Andrew Breitbart describe the lovely Miss Meghan McCain, and what is,”Meghan McCain-ism.”


Hint: No matter how rich or famous or highly decorated or, “established,” (no matter how “republican”)… Not matter how “famous” his or her “Daddy” is, or claims to be, he or she who espouses and promotes the “THE BIG LIE” against Andrew Breitbart and others of like Mind are  not, “accurate.” No matter how “good” or, “not good,” Miss McCain thinks she is, or want’s to be,  for her to offer cruel and untrue insult and false accusation against the late Andrew Breitbart and other “bloggers” of God’s heart, and more than “bloggers” of God’s heart… Bloggers and Journalists of good faith and good will and good heart towards America, isn’t very becoming.  Meghan came across as, “extremely misinformed” and “extremely misinforming.” Miss Misinformed.  Miss Misinforming. Miss “Pro-Sex Republican” as she self identifies. OMG! ♥


By Holly Hansard



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