Life, Death and Obamacare

December 22, 2015
Jeff, Veronica, Adonai and me.

Jeff Leichnitz, Veronica Leichnitz, me and Adonai Leichnitz in Long Beach. CA in 2014

On December 17th, my world started crumbling. On December 18th, it all came down. My brother and my best friend had passed away. It felt like my heart had ripped out from my chest. He went in the hospital and in a matter of days he was dead. So what happened? No one really knows and at times like this it is tempting to point fingers. Was it his fault? Was it their fault? Why is he gone? Here what I know for certain. He had been sick for weeks but didn’t want to go to the doctor. He wrote it off as the flu, but we know no it wasn’t. Did he not want to go because he worried about the doctor bills if it was serious?

Two people in this world don’t have to worry about insurance, the very poor and the very rich. The very poor haveTwo people in this world don’t have to worry about insurance, the very poor and the very rich. The very poor have state funds to help with their insurance. The very rich can afford any insurance they want, heck half of them have hospital wings named after them, they are not going to be turned away. But people like my brother  are stuck in this terrible middle and even if they have insurance it is nothing to write home about. They are not going to get the best care.

I am a poor woman but being poor got me into one of the best colleges in the country and also got me access to the best hospital and physicians in the country. So when my health took a nosedive in 2012, I was able to access that care and get a heart bypass I couldn’t get anywhere else. I was lucky. So why wasn’t my brother so lucky? Why was it when he needed them, the hospital he was at didn’t have the equipment necessary to diagnose what was going on? It is one thing not to be able to carry out the treatment at a specific hospital, it is quite another to not even be able to diagnose a major medical problem. Was it because he was too sick already or was it because the hospital was not up to standard? This is not a shot at the doctors, nurses and all the people who cared for my brother. The doctors that prayed with him. The nurses that I am sure gave him very loving care. What I am talking about goes above anything they could have possibly had done. I don’t blame them in any of this and I am grateful for everything they did for my brother. So wasn’t Obamacare supposed to fix things like this? Wasn’t my brother supposed to have great health care that was going to save his life? So what happened, why is health insurance still out of reach for many people like my brother? Yeah, I cannot afford 200 a month health insurance but I can totally pay that 300 dollar fine for not having it! Wasn’t this what Obamacare was all about-saving those who were in between?

Jeff, Veronica and Seth

Jeff Leichnitz, my brother with his wife, Veronica and his son, Seth. Seth is 19 now.

Yet here we are another dead family member because instead of making real healthcare more affordable, it made health care insurance more difficult to get. Oh, people will tell you that “millions of people have signed up!” Yeah, because they were forced too!!! Millions of people pay taxes, doesn’t mean they liked doing it or would do it if they didn’t have to! It means they had a gun to their head so they cooperated. My friend, David Bozeman signed up for Obamacare, but he will be the first one to tell you that it is crap insurance. They recently tried to charge him some insane amount for a blood draw he took, but that never got analyzed. So what has Obamacare done? Besides charging people who can’t afford it? Besides providing a crappy product that would cost much less on the open and free market with competition?

My mother’s death can’t be laid at Obamacare’s feet but it can be laid at yet another hospital that was unable to help her, that refused to transfer her. Even though UCLA would have taken care and could have helped her they instead let her die. They said she was not strong enough to be moved. My brother, I can at least say was moved to another hospital, but it was all too late. I have also received subpar care. When I was diagnosed with heart disease I had tried to figure out what was wrong with me for over a year. No one could tell me anything. One doctor without even examining me told me I had allergies. Had I listened to him I would be dead now. But I did something my mother and brother didn’t or couldn’t do. I kept going to the doctor until they found something. I also switched doctors when they were not listening to me. That is what saved my life.

I guess in the end, it is all on us. Obamacare will never save you because it is by the far the worst insurance out there. So we will just have to save ourselves. I don’t know, I would be glad to listen to any real suggestions but in the end Obama does not Care and there is nothing affordable about dying.



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