Leadership Above the Belt.

June 8, 2012

“Leadership Above The Line.”


The title of a book that I like.


“Leadership Above the Line” by Doctor Sarah Sumner dean of the A.W. Theological Seminary.


A leader by textbook definition, is one who influences another or a group of “others” for good or for ill.


Leadership above the line is good.


Leadership below the line is not good.


Leadership above the line leads to “win-win.”


Leadership below the line leads to “loose-loose.”


Leadership below the line is corrupt.


The line can be seen as the “place” of ones “Christ self.”   That location of “integrity.”  That location of “God-Good” and not, “ill.” Leadership above the line, is the “place” where the sun rises and sets. The dawn of reason.  The place where the sun is at high noon. The place of, “I AM THAT I AM.”  The place were God is.  The place where the son of God rests. And, is not circumspect.  The place that Jesus spoke of, when he said, “I AM the Light which Lighteth every many that cometh into this world.”


In any event, that is my guess.


Leadership in and of “sound mind” is, “leadership” above the belt.


And, not, “devil mind.”


Leadership with Christ at the helm. Is, “leadership above the line.”


Leadership where, “your conscience” is your guide, is leadership above the line.  (As the famous Jiminy cricket advised the little wooden boy.)


Or, as my Buddhist Monk friends of the order of the Buddhist Contemplatives might advise, Leadership above the line, is leadership by, “Right action,” “Right Motive,” “Right thought.” “Right effort” and by Right speech.    Etc!


“Let that mind be in you, which was in Christ, Jesus!” is what and how Paul of Tarsus advised.   Yes, Paul gave advise in Leadership.


Leadership above the belt.  The use of power and/or influence above the belt is the way to go in a civil society.  An honest fight.  No “low blows.”


There are those who are “practiced” in low blows. There are those who will “hit below the belt.”  There are those who do. There are those that play “dirty pool.”


There are those who will not think twice but to cause LIE against another.  Even assassinate another persons good character, and/or name, through lies, deceit, and trickery.   There are those who hold to no standard of civil decency.  No standard of “right and wrong.”  It’s their nefarious way or no way.   Their way is, “of the devil.”  They personify evil.  They personify the way of the criminally minded.


“The ends justifies the means” is the philosophy of, “the bad guys.” The “Evil one” does not think twice about knocking someone like Andrew Breitbart out, and then, dancing on his grave.  No mercy. Nor remorse.  No compassion.  Blood Thirsty killers are they.


These “People of the Lie”  will even even lie, steal, cheat, cause libel and slander, sue, and make false claims against an innocent. They will even murder.  Their sycophant mental warp allows them to be removed from any thing resembling good conscience.  Some amongst these “bad guys” have gone so far as to make false claims to a Sheriff Department and/or law enforcement officers as a way to “attack” those that have dared to write about, and/or prosecute and/or shed light upon the nefarious.


Some amongst those who have the psychological “disease” or “habitual practice” of that of, “the bad guy” have made false and misleading claims to the Child Protective Service agency against  innocent children’s innocent parent. They  have done this for their own revenge. There are laws against making a knowingly false claim to “CPS” with intent to do harm against an otherwise innocent parent, however, the innocent parent is PRESUMED GUILTY by inane “laws” of the State.  The misuse of these laws by both Government agents and others, others such as “the bad guys,” have caused many a well adjusted child and family in family life,  and their family and parents,  undue division, disturbance, depravity, financial loss, all round stress, hardship and undue suffering.


Someone who makes a “false claim” against another, or those who encourage others to do the same,  are hitting below the belt.  They are liars.  Even as the devil was the liar from the beginning.  Though they may influence and have influence.   They who follow in the way of the Satanists and thus the Marxists,  even those who follow in the way of the fallen angeles themselves, are not leading above the line.


A leader is one who influences another or a group of “others” for good or for ill.


We know the story of Lucifer, the son of the morning light, who, led a third of the angels in rebellion against Almighty God.   Well by Christian tradition and by culture, we know this story.   “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against that old Serpent called the Devil …”   and, that old serpent and all of the bad guys with him, prevailed not.  And, they were cast out of heaven…   As it is told in the book of Enoch, subsequently, as it came to pass, these same “fallen angels,” these sons of Satan, lusted after, and, mated with the daughters of men.  And, so, here we are now.  The seed of satan amongst us.  The seed of evil.  The seed of evil sown in the flesh bodies, and in the minds and heart of man.



Some men have taken unto themselves “the seed of Satan” more than others.



As it appears, one such man who has taken upon himself the cultivation and the practice of the seed of Evil, and thus the philosophical and theological thought warp of the philosophy of Satan, even Marx, even the seed and “practice” of dark evil, is a man named “Kimberlin.” He is a seedy character with a sordid past. Who, by the way, just happens to be in the “in” crowed with Bill Ayers and Barack.



Or, so I hear tale!



Or, so strong evidence has it.


This Kimberlin fellow is, as it appears, “into” creating a mess.  He is “into” doing dark and “unthinkable” deeds against those who shed a little light light upon his history, or his associations and/or his fellow communist operatives.  And, yeah, I said, “communist.”



Even so, like I said, I’m just saying, “hear say.”



For all I know, this guy named “Kimberlin” might not even exist.



For all I know, he could be a total “composite” GF or BF of Barack.



God knows.   Well, some people also know.


To quote Michelle Malkin:   “In honor of the National Day of Blogger Silence called by Ace of Spades, this blog is going dark. But far from shutting up, I’ll be spending the day calling, e-mailing, and tweeting members of Congress, GOP leaders, journalists, and influencers to ask them what they are doing to defend the First Amendment rights of bloggers. This is a day of action, not inaction.”


For more insight into what’s cooking on this NATIONAL DAY of BLOGGER SILENCE, in protest against those who ATTACK Conservative Bloggers, and those who would be, and attack their families, by foul play and by below the belt tactics, please take a peek at Michelle Malkin’s June 8th, 2012 blog, “Going dark to urge congressional action: Who will protect the freedom to blog?”  (See link below.)




By Holly Hansard



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