Hybrid Cars will Cramp your Style

June 7, 2012

I love how liberals lie about the shape of hybrid cars.

“Well actually they’re designed with that shape because its more aerodynamically efficient…”. Who believes you?

Hybrid cars are shaped that way because its BUTT UGLY, and therefore kills another joy in life (having a cool car).

Jealousy is “I want what you have”. Envy is “I don’t think I can get what you have so I don’t want you to have it”. And you know what the “it” is with envious liberals? HAPPINESS! That’s why liberals like to go around banning everything. Because they (in their misery) don’t think they can achieve happiness themselves, so they don’t want you to be happy either.

And they CERTAINLY don’t want you to go around happy because you have a cool car.
(And yes, there is *nothing* cool about ugly hybrid cars).

Forcing you to drive an ugly car is simply one of many ways in which liberals want to
rob you of your happiness.

Hybrid cars are also an assault on your individualism.

The boring shape robs you of your individuality and makes you look more like just another number in the system with no freedom of expression. And liberals love that.

The Left would LOVE to pack you into the car of their choice like sheep, giving you less choice in life.

And there is NO CHOICE when it comes to hybrids, because every car looks like the next one.

No choice, no individualism, no fun, no style.

By Brent Heigold.



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