David Guerrero vs. Chris Lane

September 4, 2013

There seems to be a rash of psychotic teenagers killing other people for nothing more than the sheer fun of it. Yet there seems to be a need to politicize these killings as something more than the random stupid and violent acts that they are. The Left tried to politicize Trayon Martin and make it racial and now it seems the Right is doing the same thing with Chris Lane. However, how many people out there know about a murder that took place a month before the Chris Lane tragedy in Florida?

os-photos-murder-suspects-20130709 Four Florida youth, two teenagers and two twenty year old killed two people in cold blood. One of these people was a young, Hispanic man named David Guerrero. David was only 17 years old. Hey Right, where is the outcry for David Guerrero? Or is it just all reserved for Chris Lane since all three psychotic teenagers were Black? The killer of David Guerrero was a White, fifteen year old male named Konrad Schafer. Konrad is quoted as saying that he thought it would be “fun and cool” to kill someone. None of these murders were racially motivated. Unfortunately for David Guerrero and Chris Lane they just happened to be in these sickos line of fire. Until you delve a bit further and find out that Konrad was driven around by his friend David Damus (a Black 20 year old by the way) and was on the look out for a target. Did he pick David Guerrero because he was Hispanic? It is doubtful, Juan Muriel was also a part of this United Nations of psychotic teenage killers. So why was he chosen? Only Konrad Schafer can answer that. Yet the silence is deafening in regards to Konrad Schafer.

untitledDavid Guerrero was not the only victim of this insane pack of troubled youth. Eric Roopnarine had his throat slashed by David Damus, who knew Eric. Eric’s mother came home and found her son dead. Yet no outrage from the Right to string up these savages! The Left is trying to start a race war and the Right is playing right into their hands. What is important is not the color the skin of either the killers or the victims. What is important is why our youth are becoming these monsters right before our eyes and what can be done to stop it? Instead of decrying the nonexistent media attention or something as completely irrelevant as the race of the people involved, we need to get down to brass tacks and figure out what is going on in our nation that our youth feel that this is acceptable. Before I forget, there is one more accomplice in this whole nightmare and that is Victoria Rios. Oh how the feminists must be so proud. We now have girls gaining in the rates of violence. She is being charged with the death of Eric Roopnarine.

So here we have seven youths (including the three charged with the death of Chris Lane) who feel that it is justifiable to kill someone because “they are bored.” So let’s stop with the whole bogus “racial” nonsense. We can’t tell people not to play the race card with Trayvon and then turn around and do the same thing with Chris, while neglecting David in the process. David was on his way to work when he was gunned down in cold blood. Eric was at home minding his own business, when his “friend” David Damus showed up and slashed his throat. We have desensitized our youth and given them a culture of Death from abortion and euthanasia to constant diet of violence on television and in movies. You can’t spend all your time promoting Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat games and going into school and telling them that killing their unborn children is “their right” and not expect any backlash. We have created the Konrads, Victorias, David Damus’ and Juan Muriels, we can’t feign disgust now. We can’t devalue life the way we have and then act surprised when other people, especially our youth who get their values from us, also devalue life. This is not a race thing. It is not about hate crimes. It is not about black on white crimes. Or White on Hispanic crimes. It is about crime, period.

The Right needs to get their act together and start acting like the stewards of morality that we are and stop creating battles where none exists and start fighting the fights that will save our nation. While the Democrats seem to go out of their way to destroy this country, one thing they completely understand is that if you want to increase your influence you start with the children, not with the present day voters. We are paying the price for that influence. The false flag of racism is being raised to wage a war against morality and principles. We must remember that the David Guerreros and Eric Roopnarines deserve just as much attention as the Chris Lanes do because nothing gets solved if we do not look at the problem in its entirety. David’s trial starts this week. Will Konrad and his thugs be held accountable? We have to see. In themeantime, the prosecution is trying to charge Konrad’s with the second murder because he bought a gun a day before the second murder took place and didn’t take steps to secure it. Should he be charged? Should Konrad and Victoria be tried as adults? There is a lot of controversy surrounding this case. So now that you know about it, will you speak out about it or will you let it stay on the back page? The choice is yours and your choice will reflect on how you feel the importance of our saving our youth, of saving our country.

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