Anti-Political California Politics.

July 15, 2012

Anti-Political California Politics.


You know, we have here in Far Northern California a political organization called Pie N Politics.  Well, maybe it’s a political organization. In any event, it’s a small or not so small group of persons that meet, that, is and who are, organized.  It may or may not be a “political organization” official.  Actually, in all honesty, I’m not 100% sure on all of the things that the ladies here at Pie N Politics do.  Nor do I know exactly who they are or, what they, when they get  together, do.  But, I know one thing. I like them.  I like their name, and I like what they do, as far as what I know about what they do.   In fact, I love them!  I love Pie N Politics! ♥  ( )  I like pie.  And, I like politics. Well, maybe I like “politics.”    In any event, I like to keep abreast of current affairs.  And, I am concerned about my America. Our America.


I like what the ladies here in my local area publish on their pie-n-politics web site.  I especially like that they write in support of our most kind and most honorable and most generous SHERIFF LOPEY,  and other U.S. Constitutional Sheriffs.  I like that they LIKE Sheriff Lopey.  I like that they like the U.S. Constitution. And, I like that they LIKE America and the Light for which she stands, and, may yet stand by the Grace of God.  I also like that they LIKE Pie!  Maybe even Apple pie.  Apple and, maybe blackberry pie.  Home made!  Home made in America.


Pie N Politics.   What a great name!


I like that Pie N Politics publishes articles in defense of the long tradition of farming, ranching and mining in our area.   I like that they share happenings to do with our defense of Rural America and thus all of America’s basic-basic U.S. Constitutional liberties. I especially like that they are NOT for our perfectly good, and perfectly efficient and perfectly beautiful four hydro-electric generating dams being torn down.


You know, there is something called, “LOVE!”    There is something called, “FREEDOM!”  And, there is something called, “CHRISTIAN CHARITY” and, “being a good neighbor.”  And, there is something called “AMERICA.”  And, that something called “AMERICA” that goes beyond,  Pie and Politics.   America is about Mom and Apple Pie.  Or, Mom and Blackberry pie!  Not ipods alone. Not iphones alone.  Not “The good life” and, “the American Dream” without the knowledge of Almighty God, and Christian Charity, Common sense, even Christian Faith (uncomplicated) and Family, and neighborly love, and concern, brotherly love, and all that good stuff.  OK, so everyone knows that.


What is the “American Dream” without Love of God?  Without Love for God?  Without Love of Almighty God, the American dream, is not the American dream.  And, without the Vision of Our God, the people will perish!   It’s not just “without Vision” –it’s without the Vision of Our God.  Without God, what is America?   It’s nothing.   And, God and discussions of God, Almighty God,  is also in Pie and Politics.  For, how can the apple grow on the tree to be harvested, without the waters from heaven?  Without  the earth.  And, the air.  And, Creation.  Not excluding  the work of the man, who, built the dams, who planted the seed, who tended the tender shoot.  Who safe guarded the sapling.  Who, picked the fruit from the tree. Etc!


America is about Mom and Apple Pie or, Mom and Blackberry Pie.  Mom or Grandmother. Mom or Sister.  Mom or Aunt.  At least in Rural America, America is about Mom and Apple Pie.  Even as America is about all so much more than what meets the eye.  Yes, pie and politics. Of Pie and Politics, someone has to make the pie.  The ingredients need to be gathered.  The pie crust needs to be made.  The fruit harvested. And, all things need to be put together, that the pie might be baked.  And, of course, there needs to be willing hands and hearts and someone with at least SOME semblance of mind, and peace of mind, and liberty, and know how, to do all of this.  And, same too with, “Politics…”


Same thing with Pie and Politics.


And, same too with “Politics.”  Persons!   Politics and things to do with America, it’s foundation, it’s U.S. Constitution, has to do with PERSONS.  It’s not just “politics.” It’s persons.  It’s not Pie in the Sky “politics”devoid of reality, it’s like, real life persons. Anyway, that’s how I see it.


And, it’s personalities.  It’s history. Personal  history.  And, personal current events.  It’s more than personal, of course.   “Politics” as I understand politics, is so much more than just “politics.”  And, it’s not just “politics.” We don’t need to give up, and say, that, “politics” is just, “politics as usual.”  We don’t need to surrender to the corrupt.  We don’t need to surrender to the unreality of the unreal.  We don’t need to surrender to the “BIG LIE” of, “WORLD COMMUNISM” or, any “ISM.”   We don’t need to say that, “politics” or “politicians” are corrupt” in all cases.  And, that, therefore, it’s somehow, “OK” that someone is “corrupt.” It’s NOT a case of, “WHO IS THE MOST CORRUPT’ wins. Let’s hope that it’s not.  At least not in these United States of America.  And, not in the State of California.  And, not in Siskiyou County!  And, I am so very, very grateful for the people who are working so very, very diligently, to STOP SENATE BILL 48 here in the State of California, and to stop other totally UNINTELLIGENT, and CORRUPT “LAWS” and/or so called laws that are wrong, wrong, wrong.


Yeah, we do have “Conservatives” here in California. Conservatives who are VERY liberal in their way of Love of that which is Real. And, good. Introducing kindergarten children to ANAL SEX is, not good.    Introducing any little child to ANUL SEX is not good.  And, that is just the tip of the iceberg, of what is, and who is behind the SENATE BILL 48, and other BAD bills that were tragically, and most tragically at that, signed into law by our California State Governor, Jerry Brown.  Again, yeah for the good guys that are opposing this BAD LAW that bully’s parents and children into the GLBT and pedophilia agenda against the youth of America, and, is an assault to CHRISTIAN and Buddhist and Hindu, and Jews and other parents  and their children, and families, not even of any governmental “diagnosable” or definable, “religion.” This BULLY LAW bullies all parents and their children into Anti-Christ and Anti-Buddha corruption.  The victims of this Bad law is the poor and the unknowing.  Those who can’t afford to send their children to private school, and whose who are not informed about these “EVILS” coming upon our children through the public school education.  Even the evils of Planned Parenthoods early childhood and elementary school and middle school and high school curriculum.  Not the least of the victims of this PERVERSE LAW, are those whom are the children of “immigrants” (legal and not legal), from Mexico and from other than Mexico, that are plentiful here in the California State public school systems, and their parents.


OK, so, that was a side note about California Politics from this Normal Mom.  I’m not even going to call myself conservative here. It’s just like totally NORMAL to not want your child introduced to ANAL sex in their kindergarten classes and first grade classes in their social studies texts. Etc! Etc! Etc!


It’s BEYOND politics. It’s beyond “Conservative” or “Liberal.” It’s beyond “Non Politically” aligned.   And, yeah, “they” may not “teach” anul sex to the 4 year old and 5 year old and six year olds at first bite.  But, hey. Who knows WHAT “they” will teach.  And, their is no opting out. The teachers don’t even have a choice in what “they” can teach or not teach to their children.  There will be homosexuals monitoring their complacence with the “law.”  Schools will be fined, and teachers fired, if they don’t “comply” with the “law” and, “teach” bestiality.  Or, what ever the “sex fiends” and others “well meaning” might want to teach the little children, subject now, to their “control.”  Just saying…


OK, so, back to “Pie-N-Politics.”



Where was I?


“Might” doesn’t always make right, my friends.  This we know. And, I know you know that.   Well, maybe Machiavelli in his story of power and influence, published in his classic book on power and power politics, and not even on power politics, “The Prince.”didn’t always know that.  Even so, yes, Liberty.   Yes, God-Liberty.  Yes. Freedom.  God-Freedom.  God-Govern.  Yes, “in God we Trust.”  God who is God, that is. Yes, Wisdom. Yes, not sitting ducks.  Yes,  even Self Government. Yes, the United States of America.  (“God-Self Govern.”  Our Christ-Self Govern.  Christ-Leadership.  “The Government shall be upon HIS shoulders.”  And, Christ in ye is the hope of Glory.  “Let that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus!” intelligence. God-Intelligent reasoning.  And, all that good stuff.   Not fanatic.  Not “extremist.”  Not an environmentalist extremist.  That’s for certain. Not Al Gore Communist Liars extremists.  Yeah, sound mind and sound body politics. Yes, not the Big Lie.)


God in Government, God out side of Government, God everywhere.  God in the heart and the smile of a friend.  Christ in You!  Christ in the little child that shall lead them.  Christ in the Holy Innocence.   Good medicine, not bad medicine. Not false gods, and false prophets.


Would you believe it, as a side note to “CALIFORNIA POLITICS” and Political or Anti-Political.. would you believe, that some people here in California actually WORSHIP Marijuana? Like Marijuana is as a GIFT from the gods?  OMG!  There is actually a whole “CHURCH” devoted to this.  They even pass around a “joint” for their Holy Communion, in lieu of a communion wafer!  OMG!  )Anyway, as for me, this California girl, I’m for the God of our Founding Fathers.  The God of Abraham. The God of Issac.  And, the God of Jacob.  Not fallen gods. Not the false.


OK, back to “Pie N Politics.”


God taken out, and God left in. God in common sense.   God beyond politics.  God beyond party politics.  But, at the same time, God not divorced.  God not divorced from us.  God not separated out from the WHOLE of AMERICA.   Yeah, “In God we Trust.”  Not “gods” but, simply God.


OK, OK, least I get in trouble for speaking “religion” and, not “politics.”   (smile!)








Pie N Politics.


God and what and who defines God, God-Government, and Leadership, Christ Leadership, Sound Leadership, Direction and misdirection, God direction doesn’t misdirect.  All of ‘these things” have to do with Pie N Politics.   Steadying the Ship of State, and Self Government, Local Government, and Law, and Treaties, and agreements, and agreements, not.


Pie N Politics.


The enforcement and the protection, and intelligence or not intelligence of man, of woman, of person, inspired or not inspired of Almighty God, the thought behind it,  and the right understanding, and the right interpretation of it, and the lawful, right and just, and reasonable, implementation of LAW, or, the disregard of it, all of that stuff, and more, has also, to do with persons.   And persons has to to with Politics.


I AM A PERSON.  GOD IS A PERSON.   Even as God is a principle.  God is also a person.   And, this is not, “religious.”  It’s Cultural heritage.


Pie and Politics.

Western Civilization cultural heritage.  And, my Cultural and family history and heritage.  And, it’s California history and heritage.


Pie and Politics.
It’s American Cultural History, and Heritage. Each one of our Founding Fathers knew that God is both person and principle!  Plain and simple!


Pie and Politics.
“What manner of Love hath God loved us, that we might be called the sons and daughters of God? Paul of Tarsus wrote.


Pie and politics.

God is a Someone.  God is a person.  God is, also in Politics. And, yes, there is a history, and a current event to all of this.  A theology.  A Doctrine.  A Philosophy.   And, there is so much here, to do with all of this, that I could write a whole book about it.  I could also speak for hours on this topic.  And, listen.  I love to listen to the history and philosophy of things. Ah,  history, religion, philosophy, politics, law, and justice, and the administration of justice!    America and our Founding fathers, and, the U.S. Constitution.   And, pain and simple, Freedom!  I love it!




An atheist or, more rather a a semi atheist friend of mine, once told me that “the problem” that he had with people giving God the glory for things, is that it diminishes the works of man.  My friend is also an engineer.  And, an architect.  And, he is an instructor of the same. He also prescribes to the magazine, “National Skeptics Inquirer.”  (Which, but the way, I found to be quite a humorous publication.  Even though it was  published, written, or, meant to be as such. Some of the authors in the magazine quite the “religious zealot” about their “skepticism.” Some were, “all so serious” and, rather hilariously dry, drab and boring, in their determination to share their “skepticism” about any thing and everything “religious” and/or even semi-religious to the reader. And, not even “religious.” And, I was and am, rather Skeptical about their “Skepticism.”  )


Interesting thought.  And, I took note.  And, so.. the conclusion that I reached was….   Yeah.  God and man.  Man and God!   I loved it!


OK, the American Dream or, the  “American Nightmare” of  “Politics.”   With the full on assault of the hoards of darkness and “world communism”  and Islamic Jihadism, combined with the Mexican Mafia and God knows what they are called, or not called, in collusion, I invite you to forgive me for not being perfect, in this my off the cuff, at the “at my home” coffee table, “dissertation” and, or “discussion.” (One way discussion albeit.)  Yes, please forgive me in not being PERFECT in the sharing of my Anti-Political California Politics, Political blog.


Oh, maybe it’s POLITICAL.


Maybe, maybe, not.


Maybe California  is political.   Well, I guess that California as a state is a “political entity.” But, it’s also “a State of mind.” Or, was!  Well, actually, at this point, I think it’s a ‘Sorry state.” California, at least economically, and politically, is, I think,  in a very, very sorry state.


OK, all laughter and not so much laughter, and humor and not so much humor, aside…


Maybe Californians are “POLITICAL.”  And, not Anti-Political.    (apolitical.)  Maybe, maybe not.  Quasi-political?  Not even “political?” Like totally not “political?” I know some people who pride themselves on not watching the news or reading papers.   Some yes? Some no?  In any event, California is a BIG STATE.  And, there are lots and lots and lots of people here.   I am just one.  Less than 1/3 of the registered voters voted in our California State Primaries on June 5th, 2012.  Maybe, that’s because, as a people, California and California, is primarily, A-Political.


Maybe, maybe not.


Pie and Politics.


In any event, “Political” or A-Political, I invite you to SAVE the Pie-N-Politicals web site.  And, read their latest.


If you will, keep abreast of their current Pie and Politics news briefs, and notices, and, all that good stuff.  And, please do write a letter of support or a blog on behalf of our U.S. Constitutional Sheriffs, and their friends and supporters, that is if you will, and learn who they are, as FRIEND.  “Friend,” of the United States of America and her U.S. Constitution and the Light for Which She stands, and may yet stand by the grace of God, and Friend of person of the American Woman and American Child,  within the family, friend of the individual American, in truth and in love, Friend of  the Person of the American person, other wise known, as the, “GOOD GUYS.”  That is if you will.   In any event, it’s an invite!


PIE N Politics.


And,  if you are into prayer, if you have a practice of prayer, or might like to begin such a practice, do keep all of our Local County Sheriff’s and all of our U.S. Marines and U.S. Army guys and all Veterans in your prayers. And, do keep Rural America, even all of the Ranchers and Farmers, and Minders, and Mountain climbers, and hikers, and nature lovers, and ordinary people, American Citizens, republican or not republican, political or not political, and their families, and outbacks people in your prayers for God’s love and wisdom, God’s will, and as always is welcome, please keep them, and all of America and all Americans, North, South, East and West, in your prayers for God’s direction.  (Whether you be “political or a-political” or, religious or a-religious..)


Remember Sheriff Joe’s Cold Posse Press Conference is on the 17th of July. That’s two days from the day of this writing.  (Sheriff Joe as you may know, is also a U.S. Constitutional Sheriff, but in Arizona, rather than California..)   In the words of Michael Savage, talk radio host, and author of “Trickle Down Tyranny,”  –   “Be there or be no-where!”   Please she this upcoming press conference with your friends and neighbors.


Holly of Hollywood @Whollyamericana (Twitter)


OK, one more time!



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